Chapel Hill Carrboro Zine and Printed Matter Festival

A serious and locally based endeavor to foster love and community through zines and printed matter in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina! First festival on April 7th 11 AM - 4 PM at Carrboro Town Commons. Sponsored by The ArtsCenter of Carrboro!

Zinetober Prompts:
think inktober but for zines! make one a day or make one you feel like it or enjoy the idea!
1 childhood reminiscing
2 from the archive
3 favorite tv show
4 spooky/halloween movie
5 fantasy animal adventure
6 music recommendations
7 hourly comic
8 fashion/ootd
9 daily routines
10 favorite recipe(s)
11 favorite monster
12 childhood scary story
13 whats in my bag
14 local nature
15 walk report
16 bus ride
17 favorite books
18 monochrome
19 DIY project
20 to do list
21 witchy zine
22 childhood costumes
23 candy tier list
24 moth/bat/owl
25 collage
26 animals with jobs
27 fake social media
28 poetry
29 cozy/fall
30 make what ya want
31 make what ya want
More Prompts:
song lyrics
wikipedia deep dive
favorite stims or fidgets
ranking [xyz] random things
your pride flags
artist manifesto

Adam Casey

makes instructional zines about tabling at events. He has diary zines chronicling shows, a how-to one for setting up, and contributes to other zines with writing and illustrations.


explores overconsumption and healing your inner child. She also creates more personal zines about her experiences moving to the South and being the eldest daughter of immigrant parents.


makes dark cartoons with cute colors.


makes original design artist’s prints – lino, woodcut, risograph, and letterpress.

Andrew Harrell

has some comics and doodles that would be fun to share and also hopes to have a zine with eco-distress resources in time for zine fest!

Andrew Neal / Meeting Comics

writes, draws, publishes, and hand-assembles mini comics. His comics are a comedy soap opera comic for grownups. He also makes zines about the making of his comics, art zines, and more.

Barrett Stanley

creates comics and zines in genres such as horror, sci-if and fantasy. Most of his work is narrative but he also designs games in zine /book form.

big baby small press

(Luna + Niya) share a love of exploratory art making. Together they've spent many afternoons carving lino, painting, and sketching. Luna draws inspiration from the natural and built environment, frequently spending hours drawing at community meeting spaces like the Durham library and Weaver Street Market. Niya embraces the bold, colorful, and sometimes silly aspects of life and art. Both will have prints, postcards, and zines available.


makes zines that include a couple sketches, horror comics, and fanzines. She is also a big proponent of making art accessible for everyone and always down to haggle or do pay what you can.


is a printmaker, zinester, and crafter who loves upcycling materials and trying new media. His work is inspired by his experiences as a queer transmasc person, alternative witchcraft, punk culture, and weird nature.

Bri and Jenna

create personal collage zines and comics about identity, their daily life experiences, and personal growth.


is a micro lit mag. It is a hand-crafted, book-art inspired, literary magazine. Brillig publishes limited editions of poetry that are both brilliant and big in 20 lines or less.

Centipeels Press

is Charlotte based duo. At Chboro Zine Fest we will just be seeing Banana Peels Press as their partner in crime can't make it. He'll be vending materials by both of them, including small zines, stickers, and hand-printed t-shirts and tote bags!

Christopher Williams

creates graphic novels and zines about love and loss, struggles with depression, and hope, as a means to (hopefully) make people feel less alone and more connected through common themes we sometimes are unaware others have experienced.


makes colorful, illustrative, and whimsical designs often of nature, the nude female form and how it’s been portrayed throughout history.

CoLab Raleigh

is a community arts charity that strives to make art accessible, communal, and inclusive by creating and maintaining a supportive community of artists providing opportunities to connect, engage, and learn. Their table will facilitate a collaborative hand-drawn zine to be made on-site using cheap, lo-fi hectograph printing. They'll provide all of the materials and encourage people to draw images collaboratively that will be printed and assembled as they're completed.

Comics Blogger Zine and Distro

is a zine about small press, independent comics and the people that make them. Also publishing and distributing Art forward, experimental and literary comics.

Cottonbook Press

publishes Hazel, the witches’ lifestyle zine, for young witches in training trying to figure out their place in the world, as well as smaller zines about plants, Animal Crossing, and personal tabletop rpg characters. Lucy Kagan is the editor, illustrator, and writer behind much of the work.

CRUSH zines by olivia

makes zines with lots of writing, sketches, collages, poems, playlists, etc. Her primary series, CRUSH, is about love and healing and each issue has a different theme. They also make some smaller zines on more specific topics, such as "TITS OUT," a zine about the free the nipple movement. They think zines are one of the most valuable creative activities because it involves all sorts of different types of creation and thought. She's been making zines for about a decade and loves zine spaces and communities. Besides zines, Olivia works in nonprofit communications, on the board of GRNC, and as a writer (her debut novel is coming out next year). Perhaps most importantly, she is a practicing queer cat mom.

Dana Bumbalo

is a recent graduate of UNC Chapel hill, where she studied Latin American History and Studio Art. She is planning on receiving her master's degree in Library Sciences in the fall, on track to becoming an academic librarian one day. She also enjoys children's illustration, printmaking, playing guitar, and rock climbing.

Ducky! Zines

is a comedian, painter and writer. She created Ducky from doodles she draws in her spare time. Ducky is a gay duck with anxiety going through life. The zines range in topic from zany to serious.

Elle Pierre

is a Carrboro based artist who makes illustrated prints and minicomics.


is a queer latina illustrator & comic artist! She makes and print her own comics.

Eric Cabbell

makes his own prints and stickers. His art is primarily hand-draw illustrations, but he is learning how to make zines too.


primarily makes b&w personalized picture zines with floating questions about gender, sexuality and how those perspectives challenge our placement in the world. She does this through snippets of poetry, selfies, doodles and old Jane Austen passages.

Fieldmouse Press

is a non-profit publisher of mini-comics, graphic novels, and graphic memoirs. Their diverse array of artists are innovators, storytellers, and tell deeply personal stories. From brilliant veterans like MariNaomi and Leela Corman to talented newcomers like Phoebe Mol and translating international comics from artists like Noëlle Kröger, Fieldmouse Press has something to offer for every reader.


is a local NC artist obsessed with creating illustrations that explore the juxtaposition of the organic and inorganic.

Gr8 Golly Zines

(self)publishes local nature guides, poetry, and mental health musings. The goal of this work is to share information important to being human.

grace loves eggs

is mainly a painter, but they've been getting into zines lately. Their zines are mostly pen and ink thoughts and sketches with the occasional venture into collage. Paint wise, they often use their character Oinko Boinko as part of the subject matter while playing around with other elements and techniques. They plan to offer a mix of zines, small original art pieces, stickers, and maybe some art prints as well!


is a painter and illustrator working in traditional media on paper. Her work blends dreamlike imagery with subjects of memory, longing, and uncertainty. They'll mainly be carrying art prints and postcards, alongside a zine of drawings!


is a NC based print maker and painter! She primarily makes handmade prints and trinkets with a fantasy, horror or black plague theme!

J-Mo Print Bot

is a Queer, degenerate, existential romanticist. They make prints, stickers, and zines.

J Press Co.

makes screen prints! The project she will be sharing at zine fest is matchboxes with screen printed banned books covers as the outside cover. She hopes to inspire others to question the meaning of freedom of speech and its prevalence in society/power.


loves making mini zines about her personal life, thoughts, and topics that she finds interesting in general! She likes to think of her zines as a lil sneak peek into her internal self. She's made zines about Asian American identity and riot grrrls, mental health, personal conundrums, etc. She often finds it difficult to talk about everything she thinks about and feel with others, so sharing intimate things like old notes from her phones, fears, feelings, etc. through mini zines has been a nice, cathartic, creative outlet for her.


writes an original gay vampire novel and will also have some zines, stickers, prints, and buttons.

Jerk Press Inc.

is an indie press dedicated to helping Atlanta artists promote and print their zines for as little as possible. They are home to HaleyLazerface’s zines and Scrappy Dee’s zines!

Jillian Lea Makery

is a compulsively creative artist and arts educator living in a garden cottage in Durham, NC. She works in multiple media, primarily printmaking and fiber arts. She is inspired by folk art, heirlooms, ancestry, magic, nature and whimsy. She loves horror movies, reading, cake, thrifting, swimming, and travel. She believes that creativity is a sacred birthright and helping folks discover and nurture brings her great joy.

Julia Boyce Studios

is a recent graphic design graduate of Appalachian State University and loves making fun lil things for people, especially more heartfelt personal things. Their biggest goal in everything she does is to tell a story, whether it's big or small. They think we all have stories to tell and he loves to engage in conversations with people about these experiences. We usually have more in common than we think.

Jupiter Star Power!

specializes in neon pink cynicism. Her work is either incredibly funny or slightly sad (sometimes a bit of both). Her zines include short fiction and weird pop culture musings.

Just a Fox

makes zines, mini zines, stickers, prints, and sticker sheets. They vary in topic a lot but often include neurodiversity, mental health, and queer experiences. Animal and anthropomorphic imagery is common in my work. She really enjoys playing with diverse art mediums, printing methods, and book formats. Paper craft and washi tape art are some of her favorite things to incorporate.

Kelly Toth

makes fine art prints in a range of techniques from screenprint to lithography and hand-pressings.

Lady Book Witch Press

aka Nora Boyle is a bookbinder, poet, and witch who runs a small literary press. Interested in what it means to craft a material poem, Nora’s work explores the intersections of witchcraft, poetry, and bookmaking. Drawing on her feminist and nature-based values, Nora creates dark and whimsical books that simultaneously soothe and unsettle readers.

Lenny Ditz Comix

makes comics, zines, and other things. Their work often explores queerness, disability, anti-capitalism, creative angst, and daily life (not mutually exclusive themes!).


is a 2 person art collaborative. They're in it for the love of the game, they home print and hand-bind all of their zines. They write about their lives, cooking, things they think others would find helpful, and the general highs and lows of the human experience. They especially love to write about things that you could only get away with publishing in a zine.

Lydia Weinberger Poetry

is an East-Coast poet who loves her partner, her family, and her cats, Stevie Nicks and Bobble. They have been previously published in Cellar Door, Southern Culture, TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics (for which she was nominated for a Best of the Net award), the Daily Tarheel, and the Internationalist; she is also proud to have contributed her visual art to local shows. In 2021, Lydia completed her Honors Thesis in Creative Writing from UNC at Chapel Hill, and was awarded the Ann Williams Burrus rize/Academy of American Poets Prize in recognition of her work

Lynnwood Art

makes children books, artist books, ecology themed zines, and experimental mixed media.

Madison Speyer

is a photographer and printmaker primarily creating work about the American South Queer experience and the historic oppression of the female body as it relates to the economic structures of our society.

Marty Rogers Maker

is a visual and literary artist establishing themself as a micro press. They hope to expand their printing services and knowledge into our community as their capacity increases. They are a lead organizer of Chapelboro Zine Fest.

Mason Savikian

is a sequential artist, writer, and editor based in Asheville, NC. He has been in editorial for about five years now, and owns his own small press that runs collaborative projects, called Sarcastic Moth Press. On his own time, Mason creates short stories with LGBTQ+ and fantasy themes.

Melz Printz

is a student artist looking to entertain through silly cig cat comics, dogs on skateboards, paper dolls, stickers and temporary tattoos. In her more serious works, she captures the complexity of youth culture and provide a safe space to those with bipolar disorder. She is working on zines about sexual education, safe sex, STI/STD screening information, sex positivity, and LGBTQ experiences.

Mumoo Zines

is a queer artist duo that make miscellaneous queer zines and jewelry!


has been home to the eerie and nightmarish since 2020. They are a queer-Latinx-owned micro press that specializes in queer horror art, comics, and zines.


is a Carrboro based artist and makes diary comics and not diary comics!

Petri Coulture

is a painter who dabbles in photography and videography highlighting queer and mental health experiences in their work.

r. fay

is a nonfiction writer and cartoonist. They make zines and DIY comics about my life, memory and thoughts! :) somewhere between memoir and diary.

Raleigh United Mutual Aid Hub (RUMAH)

is a social center and point of connection for the Raleigh community. We print a wide variety of zines for our free library and love sharing them however we can! We also collect zines from local groups and artists to share with the community.

Renzo Ortega

works on limited-edition silkscreen prints and digital graphics. These works are connected with his cultural and musical background, creating images that narrate stories but are also accessible for people to acquire.

Ria "Air" Garcia

makes abstract comics and work about trans spirituality.


does relief, screen print, and darkroom film.

spiderlily press

is a collective of four artists: rosie, sophie, logan, and tasso. They make fiber art including knitted and needle-felted crafts, paper art including comics, zines, mixed media, and collages and jewelry made from repurposed guitar strings.

Sunkid Creates

makes zines and prints about being queer, trans, disabled, and bodily autonomy. They combine text, media analysis, and visual imagery inspired by religion. They are the lead organizer of Chapelboro Zine Fest.

Super G Print Lab

is a community printshop located in Durham providing studio access and workshops for a variety of printmaking processes specializing in screen printing and risograph.

Trace Ramsey

makes Quitter, a long running (since 2003) zine that has been made into several books. Also at the table will be zines by his kids: Birds, Birds, Birds by Raven Henry and Cats by Finn Henry.

What's That Zine

makes mini zines about music/musical artists/film/directors etc. just whatever she's been into lately.


creates cute chaos.

Xomik Buk

is an indie art collective that make cool comic anthologies and other things!

Yumeng Fu

is a Cary based artist who makes illustrations, short comics, and graphic novels.


creates slice of life comics and poetry zines, with lots of collages/doodles, mostly about growing up queer & autistic. He also makes zines/comics based off songs and found poetry. He creates in his spare time when he's able as a way to practice self-communication :)